Most likely, selling your business or bringing in outside capital is not something you do every day. For us, it’s our singular focus. We understand how important it is to get the countless details just right. We give you peace of mind throughout the process, knowing that you are armed with the data and insights needed to make the best decisions to meet your goals.

What makes Palomino Capital distinct is a clarity of process, combined with decades of real-world experience on all sides of the table–as operators, acquirers and sellers. Our proven process is guided by three fundamental principles: i) maintain the delicate balance and spirit of collaboration; ii) establish and negotiate from a position of strength; and iii) strive for the optimal outcome and trust between all impacted parties.

We understand that selling your business can be a daunting without the right guidance. That’s why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and objectives, so you never have to go it alone.

Palomino Capital - Sale Process

Options and Education | Palomino Capital Before engaging in a transaction, we take the time to educate you about all the options and alternatives available in today’s market. We invest the time to achieve a deep understanding of your business and personal objectives, present the risks and rewards of various approaches, and explore the feasibility and likely outcome of each option. We discuss valuation expectations and potential buyers. We work collaboratively to develop a level of trust and understanding that sets the stage for the successful launch of the M&A process.

Once we mutually decide on the optimal strategy, Palomino examines your company from the perspective of a potential buyer or investor. We hold a series of working sessions to identify investment highlights, evaluate financials, develop persuasive marketing materials, and finalize our prospective buyer/investor prospect list. We also address sensitive issues affecting competitors, customers, and employees. We work closely with you and your management to develop a detailed confidential memorandum that tells your company’s unique story—the skill of your leadership team, the competitive advantages you have developed and a financial model and forecast reflecting the investment opportunities your company offers. We ensure our team is armed with everything needed to make a strong, compelling offering to potential partners.

We know the middle market, and middle-market buyers know us. As a result, we can present your business on a confidential basis to a large group of qualified and interested buyers, both strategic and private equity. Our senior leaders organize and coordinate every aspect of the process, so that you can focus your attention on your business. We proactively and confidentially initiate contact with a global pool of buyers, providing high-level communications on potential synergies, negotiating and evaluating offers, and presenting you with detailed, insightful recommendations based on our 35+ years of experience.

Once we’ve established the preliminary commercial terms of your deal, we help navigate you through the due diligence process, contract negotiations and closing. We systemize and manage the entire due diligence process, skillfully executing every step in order to meet all transaction milestones and support a timely and successful closing. We are available 24/7 and are laser-focused at helping you achieve your goals.