Whether you have received an unsolicited offer, are thinking of taking some chips of the table, or are ready to switch gears and pursue other interests, we can arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your future.


All business owners eventually consider selling their business.  This important business decision can be challenging and emotional. Our expertise is handling the specific issues associated with selling private, middle-market companies. We regularly advise on the why, when and how of selling, and also assist on setting market-based valuation expectations.


Palomino Capital - Considerations


Selling part or all of your business can be a complex process requiring extensive knowledge and experience across a broad range of specialties. Palomino Capital has the expertise with finance, accounting, law, tax, marketing, negotiation, transactional structuring and business operations to affect an attractive outcome for a business owner in a reasonable timeframe.


The Sales Process

Most likely, selling your business or bringing in outside capital is not something you do every day. For us, it’s our singular focus. We understand how important it is to get the countless details just right. We give you peace of mind throughout the process, knowing that you are armed with the data and insights needed to make the best decisions to meet your goals.


Palomino Capital - Sale Process