The Partners at Palomino offer rare depth and breadth of expertise. They lead our transaction teams throughout the entire process, from pitch to close.

What Palomino’s investment banking clients are saying about us…

We had worked with Palomino for two years in a strategic advisory role prior to our decision to sell.  When we were ready as a business to go out to process, Palomino did something we were not able to do by ourselves – they created an active market for our company and eliminated the tire kickers that had been bogging us down. As a result, we achieved a selling price significantly above our expectations with a buyer that wasn’t previously on our radar. Palomino’s hard work, experience and communication made the selling process much less stressful than it otherwise might have been. I would definitely hire them again.  We not only found Palomino to be a wonderful working partner, but also created a long lasting friendships with the guys.

Toby Thomas

Founder and CEO, EnSite Solutions

The team at Palomino Capital are strategic thinkers who can see the big picture. Their negotiation and financial engineering skills are exceptional. When we initially met with Palomino, our business consisted of six brands across three legal entities. Palomino identified what we could get significantly more value if we broke up the Company and sold it in multiple stages to different buyers rather than selling the entire Company to one buyer. They executed a sophisticated carve-out structure and sold our business to two separate international buyers, unlocking millions of dollars in value and far exceeding my expectations. I encourage anyone thinking about an exit to sit down with Palomino and hear their thoughts.

Basil Haymann

Basil Haymann

Founder and CEO, USA Shade and Fabric Structures