Palomino was founded with a vision to be different from other middle market investment banks. We combine an entrepreneurial culture, best-in-class process expertise, senior level “high touch” service, and access to buyers to deliver outcomes that exceed the expectations of our clients.

At Palomino, we focus on optimizing outcomes for business owners. Our team truly understands the mindset of business-owning entrepreneurs and families. We work hand-in-hand with business owners to help you achieve your unique goals. Here are just a few of the many benefits we bring to the table:

Realistic, Up-front Expectations

Realistic, Up-front

We give thoughtful, honest and realistic advice up front. We strongly believe we can close what we lay out. We never over-promise for the purpose of winning mandates.

Clarity of Process

Clarity of

We employ a controlled, market clearing approach that creates the best combination or price, terms, and strategic fit

Specialization in Representing Sellers

Specialization in
Representing Sellers

We focus on representing sellers and are under no pressure to favor any particular buyer. Our independence keeps us clear of any potential conflicts of interest.

Senior Level Attention

Senior Level

We take on limited engagements and ensure a senior principal is involved in every step of the transaction from commencement to closing. We use our experience, knowledge and dedication in guiding our clients through the intricacies of the deal process to accomplish their goals.

Owners Mentality


We are business owners ourselves and understand the implications an owner’s decision has on multiple stakeholders. We give advice as if we own the business, even if our advice may defer a transaction and our compensation.

Expertise in Middle Market

Expertise in
Middle Market

Our niche focus has proved valuable in assisting our clients on valuation expectations, as well as identifying the most active and aggressive buyers in this sector of the market. We have the expertise and experience necessary to successfully execute deals in a timely manner.

Maximize Value with Tangential Strategic Buyers

Maximize Value
with Tangential
Strategic Buyers

We actively interface with a large universe of potential acquirers and investors, including many leading domestic and foreign acquirers and private equity funds. We carefully monitor trends within industries and can identify buyers with tangential interest in your industry or business model to leave no stone unturned and maximize your business’s value.

Focus on Private Companies

Focus on Private

We understand the unique nature of private companies and their owners. We recognize that our clients often care as much about the impact of a deal on their company culture, their employees and their community as they care about the purchase price. We listen to our clients and find buyers who will accommodate the breadth of their economic and non-economic goals.

Big Firm Experience

Big Firm

Our leaders have 35+ years of combined experience leading and executing mergers and acquisitions with global investment banks and consulting firms. What sets us apart is our distinct ability to understand the key soft issues in a transaction. Our insights mitigate inherent transaction risks, safeguard your business and provide you with peace of mind.