Middle market companies often lack the dedicated corporate finance departments employed extensively in larger companies. Palomino’s professionals can help management and owners by analyzing their company’s current financial status and help prepare for the future. Advice can be provided on a timely and cost effective basis on such issues as:

  • Strategic assessments to provide our expert advice to help maximize your goals.
  • Restructuring to help clients gain the maximum value from situations involving excessive leverage or bankruptcy
  • Internal growth verses growth through acquisitions.
  • The maximizing of shareholder value, including taking action┬áto prepare a company for sale.
  • Balance sheet restructuring to increase profitability and to permit flexibility which can enable the company to take advantage of situations as they arise.
  • The appropriate mix of equity and debt.
  • The recapitalization of both healthy and distressed companies and the strategy to best accomplish these goals.
Palomino Capital - Advisory Services